A new leading international event will be held at the Hamburg Fair site, covering the whole of the value chain of the international wind industry. All the innovations, market trends and experts will be in WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 and the HYDROBOND project will also be present.

Muehlhan, as industrial project partner, will be present in the Hamburg Wind Power Fair 2014, to showcase the multiple services the company offers to the international Wind Industry. The services encompasses on and offshore coating for wind turbines, inspection, repair and touch up works offered wherever the clients might need.

HH-Wind Power is chosen to present Muehlhans participation in R&D projects. HYDROBOND project will be exhibited with own poster and flyers. People related to the project will be present during the complete fair to amplify information to visitors.


European wind capacity will increase 64% by 2020, according to EWEA

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has reviewed its 2020 scenarios according to present and expected realities due to the developments since 2009, the economic downturn and regulatory instability in some European markets. This has impacted investment plans, new orders, investment decisions already taken, and existing installations in markets across Europe, lowering EWEA’s 2009 prediction. According to the EWEA, wind turbine installations will increase in 75 GW over the next 7 years, bringing the total to 192.4 GW with offshore installations accounting for 23.5 GW of the total. The association expects a total wind production of 442TWh of energy, meeting 14.9% of electricity consumption in 2020.

The expected investment is around €90 billion and €124 billion € in new wind installations across the EU. This will correspond to an extra 100000 new workers in the wind industry, added to the 253000 already working in it. Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Poland and Italy are expected to be the leading markets.



During May 21st-23rd, the International Thermal Spray Conference and Exhibition was celebrated in Barcelona with more than 900 worldwide professionals and 70 exhibitors.

Hydrobond project was presented to the Thermal Spray community in a poster at the Thermal Spray Centre (CPT) stand. ITSC participants (companies, engineers and scientists) showed a lot of interest for the project due to its objectives, its potential outcomes and its high industrial and economic impacts. All members of the Hydrobond project were very active and involved in the ITSC Congress. Scientific partners participated in several presentations, while Millidyne and CPT exposed their products and know-how in their respective stand.  Finally, the consortium was gathered in a follow-up meeting to discuss recent advances in the project and for the preparation of the next project meeting which will be celebrated in Modena in June.


The 18th Month meeting of HYDROBOND project was organized by UNIMORE as host partner, and was held on June 26th-27th in Modena, Italy.

20 participants from the HYDROBOND partners and the Project Technical Assistant were involved in bringing up the last results obtained during the last period of time. During the Scientific Session, the work progress was presented and discussed by the project partners. Newly developed superhydrophobic and ice-phobic coatings obtained from novel powder compositions were presented by the scientific partners to the consortium. These results approach the consortium to its final objective: the increase in reliability and operational life of wind turbine blades.


European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) 2014 Annual Event, Europe’s premier wind energy event, presents an international platform for the wind energy industry to showcase and demonstrate its latest products and services. As well as an extensive exhibition, the event features a broad conference programme and unrivalled networking opportunities. 

In the event round-up three main advances were revealed by industry leaders at the EWEA 2014 Annual Event in Barclelona: "New markets, technological breakthroughs and an end to political uncertainty". Furthermore, Dave Jones, head of renewable energy at Allianz Capital Partners stated that: "Cost reduction is one of the biggest challenges facing wind sector".

CPT and Muhelhan, as project partners, asssited to the EWEA Conference and Exhibition, held in Barcelona during 10th-13rd of March. In fact, HYDROBOND project objectives point to develop a technological breakthrough directly impacting in a cost reduction in the wind industry.