Offshore wind market update

Global and Country-Level Market Analyses and Forecasts, Wind Turbine Vendor Market Shares, and Turbine Technology Trends.

The offshore wind energy market represented a record year of activity with over 3.7 GW brought online in 2015. Initial confirmed project commissioning in all global markets shows that offshore wind reached nearly 12 GW of cumulative capacity by the end of 2015, up from 995 MW installed globally in 2014.

The major market driver globally for offshore wind energy is the demand for clean and diversified energy sources from an increasing number of governments. Leading countries in Europe are transitioning to more market-oriented policies that track and fluctuate alongside broader market rates.

Global market forecasts for offshore wind power capacity, segmented by project status and country, extend through 2020. Turbine vendor data is provided, including overall global market shares and more granular installed capacity by country and by wind turbine vendor. Also detailed are average rotor diameters and turbine nameplate ratings by installed year, along with the shifting market share diversification of offshore foundation types. 

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