Partner Nº.6: GUTMAR, S.A.


Brief description of the organisation

Gutmar is a Spanish company specialised in the design, manufacturing, assembly and testing of mechanical and hydraulical systems. It has over 50 years of experience, of which more than 30 in the aeronautical sector. In this aeronautical sector it works in partnership with the world’s biggest civil helicopter manufacturer, in design and manufacturing of aerial refuelling systems, landing gear actuators, etc In the space sector, it has among its customers Europe’s biggest OEMs, manufacturing high-precision components for gyroscopes, positional sensors, etc. In the Defence sector, it has designed the hydro-pneumatic cylinders of the suspension system for the Spanish Armoured Vehicle, has produced over 9000 units of it and is currently performing the Repair and Overhaul of the units in service. For the design of robotic, medical and instrument systems, Gutmar possesses an experienced multi-disciplinary team and has the latest technology in computer modelling and strength analysis.

A major effort in R & D has been necessary in order to achieve this goal, allocating resources for research and knowledge of new technologies that allow Gutmar to develop new processes and techniques in production and assembly.

Contact details
c/ Metal·lúrgica, 53-55 08908
 L'hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)